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Clive Functional Medicine: A Comprehensive Approach to Wellness

Clive and Urbandale are neighboring cities in the state of Iowa, part of the Des Moines metropolitan area, known for their close-knit communities, thriving economies, and scenic beauty. The distance between Clive and Urbandale is relatively short, with the two cities almost blending into each other along their borders. This proximity means that residents often travel between the two for work, leisure, and healthcare, including functional medicine services.

Background and History of Clive

Clive, originally a coal mining town and a railroad shipping point, has evolved into a vibrant suburban city. Its growth surged in the latter half of the 20th century, transitioning from a small village to a bustling suburb. Today, Clive is celebrated for its greenbelt park and trail system that stretches across the city, offering residents and visitors alike a beautiful natural escape within an urban setting. The city's history is marked by a commitment to community development and environmental stewardship, making it a desirable place to live.

Landmarks and Route

Traveling from Clive to Urbandale, one might pass by or near several notable landmarks, including the Clive Greenbelt Trail, a picturesque pathway beloved by cyclists and walkers that connects many parts of Clive and extends into neighboring areas, including Urbandale. The route between the two cities is straightforward, usually involving major roads such as University Avenue or Hickman Road, which are lined with businesses, parks, and residential areas that showcase the suburban charm of the region.

Clive Functional Medicine Treatments for Chronic Conditions

Functional medicine in Clive offers a holistic and patient-centered approach to healthcare, focusing on the underlying causes of disease. This perspective is especially beneficial in treating and managing chronic conditions, which require a comprehensive understanding of the patient's lifestyle, environment, and genetics. Here are some of the treatments and services available in Clive for various chronic conditions:

Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue arises due to prolonged stress, leading to the exhaustion of the adrenal glands which struggle to cope with daily stressors. This condition is often associated with deeper issues such as chronic inflammation. Discover more about how to address and manage this condition. Learn more

Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune diseases manifest when the body's immune system mistakenly targets and destroys healthy cells, potentially impacting one or several organs. There are over 80 known types, with rheumatoid arthritis, Celiac disease, multiple sclerosis, Type 1 diabetes, and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis among the most common. Explore treatments and management strategies. Learn more


Diabetes is characterized by the body's inability to produce adequate insulin or to utilize it efficiently, a hormone essential for converting sugar into energy. Without appropriate management, high blood sugar levels can result in serious health issues, including heart disease, vision loss, kidney failure, and the necessity for limb amputation. Learn how to effectively manage diabetes. Learn more

Hormone Imbalance

Hormones are critical for regulating bodily functions such as digestion, metabolism, and sleep. Damage to organs can disrupt this delicate balance, causing systemic hormone imbalances. This discrepancy explains why some individuals may feel unwell despite a healthy lifestyle, whereas others appear to thrive without significant effort. Discover more on balancing hormones for optimal health. Learn more

Leaky Gut

Leaky Gut Syndrome occurs when the intestinal lining becomes compromised, allowing toxins and pathogens to enter the bloodstream. This prompts an immune response, leading to inflammation that disrupts normal digestive function and causes a range of symptoms. If not addressed, it can cause persistent inflammation, increasing the risk of heart disease, stroke, and certain types of cancer. Learn about interventions and preventive measures. Learn more

Thyroid Conditions

Thyroid disorders involve the thyroid gland and can significantly affect metabolism and energy levels, leading to various symptoms and health issues. Explore more about the diagnosis, treatment, and management of thyroid conditions. Learn more

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